Learn more about how logistics organizations can harness the benefits of Intralogistics developments with the support of DLL as a finance partner.

Make automated warehousing equipment and advanced technology attainable

Our Intralogistics experts will customize financing solutions that help improve your business continuity and lower your total cost of operation (TCO). We partner closely with you to understand the unique needs of your business.

With DLL, you’ll benefit from our deep expertise in financing automation equipment through innovative products and services tailored for picking systems, automated storage solutions, conveyor and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems, automated sorting solutions, robot palletizing systems, baggage transport and sorting solutions.

Discover a better way to finance your equipment

Industry and asset expertise

Total Cost of Operation
(TCO) reduction

Innovative Financial Solutions

Five intralogistics developments that matter

Intralogistics is a complex global sector, bringing together all elements of the supply chain. Rapid changes in this sector can be leveraged to meet the constantly evolving needs of manufacturers, employees, and end-users.

Discover how logistics organizations can harness the benefits of these developments

Smart, customized and flexible solutions

With shifting market trends and changing economic landscapes, companies are demanding more and more flexible, customized and usage based solutions.

Discover the benefits of Fair Market Value Leasing.

Your partner on your journey to a greener future

Do you have environmental objectives to meet for your transportation fleet? Partner with us to explore how our eMobility financial solutions can help your business thrive.

Expert Spotlight

Mike Casey

"DLL is perfectly positioned to help system integrators, automation OEMs, and end users to make their automation projects a reality. This is equally true for large scale, complex projects, and for smaller businesses looking to get started with automation."

Michael Casey

Intralogistics Sales Manager Canada

DLL | MarcoWagner

"We can offer financing for a wide variety of automation equipment. Our tailored solutions give companies an easy way to reduce the risk of deploying new technology by shifting from ownership to flexible, usage based models."

Marco Wagner

Global Head of Intralogistics

"As business needs change, our customers will have the option to schedule payments to fit fluctuations in cash flow, upgrade to new technology, or add equipment anytime during the contract term."

Guido Guiking

Intralogistics Sales Manager Benelux

"DLL has the experience and knowledge of supply chain automation including robots and the full range of finance products to help. We would welcome the opportunity to be your partner on your journey towards automation."

Steven Davey

Intralogistics Sales Manager Australia

Sara Kavianipour

"By financing automation projects with DLL, businesses can unlock these benefits, and access innovative automation concepts, all without having to make large upfront investments."

Sara Kavianipour

Intralogistics Sales Manager Nordics

Doug Slais

“With intralogistics equipment and automation suppliers based all over the world, our team’s strong global relationships and DLL’s established processes bring many advantages to customers”.

Doug Slais

Intralogistics Sales Manager US

Markus Handorfer

“DLL has the ability to finance your entire automation project, including engineering fees, installation costs, hard assets and software. We are a partner for the whole project life cycle.”

Markus Handorfer

Intralogistics Sales Manager DACH

Olivier Pierrel

"Finding tailor-made financing solutions is essential for companies launching complex intralogistics projects. DLL’s ability to implement projects, combined with a value proposition tailored to this market, makes me eager to develop our intralogistics business in my region."

Olivier Pierrel

Intralogistics Sales Manager Southern Europe

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