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As more and more businesses have environmental objectives to meet, eMobility stands to become the future of the transportation industry. Investments in eMobility can contribute to a reduced carbon footprint, as well as reduced running costs in intralogistics operations.

DLL can tailor a solution that enables you to invest in a sustainable approach that will limit costs while improving efficiency and sustainability. Partner with us to explore how our financial solutions can help your business thrive.

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Transportation manufacturers

Partner with DLL and see how our tailored transportation finance solutions can aid in diversifying your products and services and help your business thrive in the evolving transportation sector.

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Transportation dealers and distributors

With our tailored financial solutions, you can explore new opportunities for supplying transport equipment to your customers. Our products allow dealers to offer their customers a full range of services as an independent or multiple-brand transportation service provider.

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Transportation equipment users

Discover how tailored financing solutions from DLL can better finance and manage your transportation equipment, improving your fleet efficiency and decreasing your Total Cost of Operation (TCO). With comprehensive asset expertise, innovative financial products and complete fleet management services, DLL transportation financing solutions can help drive your business forward.

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Trends and new opportunities

Delivering Reduced Emissions

Meeting the charging infrastructure needs of last-mile delivery fleet operators is critical to the successful transition to a sustainable urban transport system. Learn more about how the electrification of last mile fleets is a promising solution for reducing emissions in our latest report.

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Expert spotlight

DLL | MichaelHart

"DLL is ready to talk to OEM’s and their customers about strategies for the electrification of transportation equipment. We can support you on your road to a sustainable mobility solution, from infrastructure upgrades to selling or purchasing your (first) electric vehicles."

Michael Hart

New Business Development Manager, Americas

“The transportation market is changing as emissions regulations tighten globally. DLL is ready to provide tailored financial solution(s) to facilitate you in this transition and to meet your sustainability goals.”

Nick Antoniou

Global Commercial Lead eMobility

"We consider historical asset knowledge together with the newer developing technologies to make sure we can offer financial solutions meeting the characteristics of the asset, its use and life cycle"

Egbert de Jong

Global Asset Manager Energy Transition

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