Top 5 benefits of offering financing

Flexible financing and payment options for your customers.

Why offer financing?

In today’s market, it’s no longer enough to create and sell state-of-the-art equipment and technology. It’s become equally important to make the purchase process as easy as possible for your customers, so they can focus on growth rather than how to acquire essential equipment and technology.

Whether you’re looking to meet more price sensitive customer demands, structure a retail finance program for a new product offering or expand into new markets to increase sales, DLL can design innovative and flexible financing solutions that meet the long-term needs of you and your customer.

Discover the top 5 benefits

  • Accelerate your sales process
  • Offering flexible financing and payment options at the point-of-sale minimizes pricing objections to close deals faster. Options can be tailored to fit the needs of your customer and your product. You even get paid faster when using a financing solution.

    - DLL Advantage: Gain access to DLL’s integrated digital tools and team of industry experts to ensure you provide your customer with fast credit checks, quotes, and documentation.

  • Maintain your margins and revenue per sale
  • Offering payment options to fit your customer’s budget can reduce negotiations and price-cutting.

    - DLL Advantage: The ability to bundle equipment, services and parts in one contract is another important way DLL can help partners retain customers.

  • Increase customer retention
  • Providing your customer with financing options not only helps manage their budget and cash flow, but also creates a strong connection to the customer (more than a cash deal) that can lead to the next sale.

    - DLL Advantage: Know exactly when to follow up with your customers with trade-up and upgrade support from DLL making it even easier to close the next deal.

  • Differentiate your business with digital tools
  • Today’s customers are seeking a streamlined sales process. Promote a fast and easy digital sales process with the help of digital technology.

    - DLL Advantage: Make every stage of the sales process easier, better and faster with solutions ranging from mobile apps, pricing tools, electronic documents and electronic signature, to API/system integrations and self-service portals. Note: digital tools vary by region.

  • Deliver a great customer experience
  • - Reduce large upfront cash outlays or credit line expenditures.
    - Create flexible payment options to fit unique budgets and cashflows.
    - Create one contract and payment for equipment, services and other materials.
    - Deliver a digitalized experience including fast credit approvals.
    - Create a ‘one-stop-shop’ convenience.
    - Provide an easy upgrade process to the latest equipment and technologies.
“The dealers that are growing and are more successful are the ones using the financial tools.”

Tiago Bonomo, CEO and President of McCormick North America

“When a salesperson asks a simple question to understand how they can help, such as ‘What’s your monthly budget?’ an opportunity is created to map the unique features, which will benefit selling to the customer’s budget and expedite the best solution.”

Paul Bundock

Vice President Program Management

“Every client interaction with DLL is our opportunity to make a positive impact. I strive to provide timely solutions and always create a memorable experience that exceeds their expectations…I believe in leaving a lasting impression that makes clients feel valued and appreciated.”

Scott Maxwell

Business Development Manager, Food & Agribusiness, Australia

“With customer experience at the center of our focus, there’s no question that leveraging digital tools is key to not only our success, but the success of our partners as well.”

Shannon Stangl

Head of Regional Sales, North America, Office Equipment

“By offering payment options, sales teams can provide guidance to customers to ensure they are choosing the right financial solution for their business needs. Through financing, you can ensure your customers are acquiring the right assets, the right way.”

Gordon Walker

Product Marketing Manager

“By offering financing options, you can make your products more accessible to customers who may not have immediate or sufficient funds for a purchase. This accessibility can lead to increased sales volume, higher order sales, and a larger customer base, ultimately driving revenue growth.”

Xiao Xiao

International Program Manager

Discover the value of offering flexible payment options to your customers